Basic Chess Strategy: Smash The Barriers with The Anna Rudolf Method


Have you already succeeded in mastering all the aspects of basic chess strategy?

Many chess players seem to get stuck at a certain level, no matter how hard they train.

It’s like there’s an invisible barrier preventing them from reaching 1600, 1800, or 2000 Elo.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

IM Anna Rudolf (aka Miss Strategy) has found the solution. Instead of cramming your brain with endless amounts of new knowledge, we need to fix the 5 holes through which valuable rating points are always leaking when you play your chess games.

Blunders, missing winning opportunities, failing to identify the strongest plan, underestimating your opponent’s strategy, and fear/complacency. These are the real barriers holding you back.

The Anna Rudolf Method – Smash The Barriers To Your Chess Success!

The 15-hour Anna Rudolf Method teaches you how to solve these problems and achieve your potential by becoming a master of awareness, emotions, and targeting weaknesses.

About the Author

Anna Rudolf is an Olympic Chess Player (she played in 3 Chess Olympiads) and a three-time Hungarian Champion currently rated 2325 Elo. She has been able to accomplish the titles of International Master and Woman Grand Master.

She recorded her first video series in 2013 and since then, she has established herself as an acclaimed chess commentator, events streamer, and chess reporter.

International Master Anna Rudolf has participated as a commenter in many world-class events including the World Chess Rapid and Blitz Championships in Doha, the Paris and Leuven legs of the Grand Chess Tour, the 2016 Candidates Tournament and the 42nd Chess Olympiad in Baku.

People are Saying

Kolten Q (the US, verified buyer) - 10 Nov 2020
"Fantastic Course.
My experience with this course was absolutely amazing. Anna Rudolf does a fantastic job explaining the ideas of her Master Method. Incredibly clear, fun, and interesting examples from real games. Just an overall brilliant course that improved my chess an incredible amount. I would have to check but I think I got almost 60 rating points in the last couple of weeks just because of this course."

Is this course for me?

If you are a beginner chess player:

These basic chess strategy lessons by Anna Rudolf will help you learn how to choose opening systems that fit your style and build an effective opening repertoire. You'll also learn what to do in case you have to play a position that's completely unknown to you.

Included in this course is a method of learning any chess opening. There are very few courses that teach you how to learn new chess openings.

This is a method that will serve you well throughout your chess career. Whenever you wish to change your opening repertoire, you will know precisely how to go about it.

You will be able to change your repertoire and play chess openings with confidence because of the blueprint you learned in the Anna Rudolf Method.

Combined with building your new chess opening repertoire, you will learn about the resources available to help you with your opening research.

You'll also be able to learn what's needed for you to become a master of planning and also improve your strategic thinking process when playing chess.

anna rudolf chess master method

Always ask yourself these 2 important questions.

We often hear titled players say that initiative is a crucial element of chess. Let IM Anna Rudolf show you why it is so important and how to make the most of it!

These lessons will teach you how to always look to improve your pieces and worsen the opponent's pieces with every move.

Anna Rudolf has put a TON of work and research into discovering the 5 biggest barriers stopping most chess players from reaching 2000 Elo and beyond. The Anna Rudolf Method then tells you how to turn these often undiagnosed weaknesses into game-winning strengths.

1. Banish blunders:

Blunders are the #1 rating killers. Whether you’re dropping pieces or overlooking positional mistakes, the root cause of blunders is the same. Anna Rudolf reveals her technique for keeping total awareness at all times!

One of the essential skills you need to cultivate to stop making blunders is prophylaxis. When you ask, “What is my opponent planning?” after every move, you will greatly reduce your mistakes!

Another skill any improving chess player must master is the ability to calculate precisely. This will allow you to see the consequences of your move.

International Master Anna Rudolf will teach you how to improve in both these areas. Reducing the number of blunders you make is enough on its own to boost your rating fast.

2. Take your chances:

Finding winning moves is much tougher in a real game than when solving tactics. Any would-be helper standing by your board shouting “Mate in 3!” would get kicked out! Discover how to search and destroy your target at the first opportunity.

Finding your targets involves correctly evaluating the position. Before you can attack weak points, you must know how to recognize them.

Anna will teach you all you need to know about correctly evaluating any position on the board. A skill many a strong chess player lacks.

You will learn to look for material imbalances, and take into account pawn structure, king safety, and piece activity. Anna also teaches you how important it is to consider your opponent’s last move.

Armed with all this knowledge, you will quickly discover the weak points of your opponent’s position.

3. Proven winning plans:

When you’re thinking about what to play, the moves you see are affected by your plan. If you’re thinking about how to attack the kingside, you’ll probably miss the winning pawn break on the queenside.

Anna Rudolf explains the ideas behind the most powerful attacking formations, positional strategies, and endgame plans to make sure you’re always focused on the strongest moves.

We have all heard the advice to launch a fast attack in games with opposite-side castling. How often have you been told how to play the attack?

Anna will teach you exactly how to attack your opponent’s king and which sacrifices you can play to achieve a winning position.

Through the use of examples from real games, she will clearly demonstrate each attacking plan.

What if your opponent castles on the same side as you? No problem. Once again, Anna will teach you how to play your attack correctly.

As tempting as it is to sacrifice material, it’s crucial to get the timing of your sacrifice correct. This will stop you from throwing away a winning position.

4. One step ahead:

If you’re thinking about what you’re trying to achieve and ignoring your opponent’s plans, you will get a nasty shock. Instead, learn how to read your rival’s plans and use it against them!

Prophylaxis is an essential part of every victory! You will not win a single chess game without using it at some point in a chess game.

The simplest way to win a game is by stopping every one of your opponent’s attacks.

You can use prophylaxis as your key strategy in any chess game. Learn how to use prophylaxis effectively to stop your opponent’s attacks before they start.

Prophylaxis will help you determine the real threats from the ghosts. If you know your opponent’s plan isn’t a good one, you can let him continue with it and gain time for your attack.

5. Competitive success:

It’s no good being a great chess player if you fall apart when it counts. A huge percentage of games are lost due to either complacency or irrational fear. Learn how to combine a burning desire to win with ice-cool composure to become the ultimate competitor.

6. How to Spot Tactical Motifs:

Pin, double attack, skewer, deflection – known tactical motifs that you surely have trained a lot with puzzle books or apps. But… you still miss them in your own games, don’t you?

It happens to all of us. You go back home after an exhausting game, switch on your chess engine, and it quickly discovers that you have an easy combination to win a piece. “How on earth can I miss this combination, if I’ve solved a lot of more difficult puzzles!?”

The problem is that during a game nobody says to you “you can win in this position”. But, IM Anna Rudolf has a secret to tell you. The position tells you when there is a winning combination. You just need to listen to it!

7. Win More Games with Better Endgame Play

The vast majority of club players don’t spend enough time studying the endgame. A little bit of endgame study can result in a big improvement in your results.

Studying the endgame will not only make you a better chess player. By learning the endgame, you will be able to play the middlegame better.

Transitioning from the middlegame to a won endgame is a simple and effective strategy. This is a strategy you can use to win many games.

However, it requires knowing which endgames are winning and how to win the endgame.

IM Anna Rudolf will teach you the essential components of the endgame like zugzwang, opposition, triangulation, the Tarrasch rook, and many more essential endgame concepts.

Enjoy your course and play better chess!

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