Already a classic today: price & performance in perfect symbiosis.

You can already play chess and are looking for a challenge? Or an opponent who has always time for you?

With the ChessGenius you get one of the most powerful chess computers ever with the world famous software ChessGenius. You can play and train at different levels - from experienced tournament players to beginners. With a fast processor and over 2.000 ELO you always have a strong opponent in front of you.

Thanks to the 20 x 20 cm large MILLENNIUM HighSensitive chessboard and the illuminated display you play extremely comfortably and quickly at your desired level. The ChessGenius leaves (almost) nothing to be desired.  

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Technical Data

Suitable for advanced players, tournament & club players as well as beginners

Playing strength over 2000 ELO maximum

Pieces contained Chess pieces

Magnetic pieces Yes

Pieces tray No

Dimensions chessboard 20 x 20 cm

King height 4,8 cm

Chessboard technology Pressure sensor board, Millennium HighSensitiy technology

Display with illumination Yes

Processor ARM Cortex M4 / 48 MHz Processor


Program ChessGenius, 2015

Author Richard Lang

Device languages 7 (DE / GB / FR / NL / ES / IT / RU)

Menu system Text-based, All device languages

Batteries required Yes

Type 3 x AA/LR06

Batteries included Yes

Power supply connection Yes, power supply M811

Product dimensions 27.5 x 30 x 3.2 cm

Article weight approx. 720 g

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Mihaela Grigorova
I haven't received it yet

I haven't received it yet! When would I receive it????