Kavutskiy INC Turbo Bundle

Need a helping hand to get to 2100+?

Kavutskiy INC Turbo Bundle

Kostya Kavutskiy is the man to get you there.

IM Kavutskiy has released 2 courses in our Intuition Navigates Chaos Turbo series – both have become best-sellers, holding perfect 5.0 average ratings.

Two phenomenal INC Turbo courses that make advanced techniques and strategies memorable:

The Squeeze: Converting Advantages. Or how to constantly improve your position and make the killer breakthrough… even against the toughest resistance.

Forcing Moves Force Wins. Play game-winning tactics and launch unstoppable attacks with unshakable confidence… even in completely new and unfamiliar positions.

Forcing Moves Force Wins – IM Kostya Kavutskiy

Tactics training is just that – training.

Finding the risky winning sacrifice in a high-stakes game – and having the guts to play it – that’s what counts.

And whilst solving 1000s of random puzzles will definitely sharpen your skills… its main benefit is building up your pattern recognition.

Come up against one of the millions of positions you haven’t seen before, and things are trickier.

That’s when you need the tools IM Kostya Kavutskiy teaches in his incredible Forcing Moves Force Wins

kostya kavutskiy

Is this course for me?

Whereas many pro players can find good moves but can’t explain how they found them, IM Kavutskiy knows what works and how to teach it.

It doesn’t matter if you have never seen a position like it before.

It doesn’t matter if the clock is ticking and spectators are breathing down your neck.

It doesn’t matter if the winning line is longer than 99% of players can visualize.

Armed with Kostya Kavutskiy’s tactical methods, you will smack down the winning moves with unshakeable confidence.

The Squeeze – Converting Advantages in Chess – IM Kostya Kavutskiy

“The hardest game to win is a won game.” – Emanuel Lasker, 2nd World Chess Champion.

Your position looks SO good. You love it.

Your pieces boldly take center stage, dominating the board while your opponent’s feeble peasants cower on the back rank…

…now all you’ve got to do is convert it.

But it’s not so easy.

Move by move your opponent pushes their pieces forward one square, defends, unravels their position…

…soon your beautiful advantage has gone.

You need a special set of skills to turn these edges into wins…

…skills that American IM Kostya Kavutskiy teaches in The Squeeze – Converting Advantages.

In this 3-hour course, you will be learning how to win with ideas like the principle of two weaknesses and exchanging key defenders…

…topics you may have heard about before, but here they’re actually explained in detail.

What works, what doesn’t, and why.

Forcing Moves Force Wins – IM Kostya Kavutskiy 30min

Is this course for me?

This chess course is about winning. It’s about making sure your opponents don’t steal half a point (and some of your rating points) off you.

IM Kostya Kavutskiy teaches you how to convert your advantage – whether material, space, positional, or time – using methods proven at the highest level.

About the Author: 

Kostya Kavutskyi

IM Kostya Kavutskiy. As a coach, IM Kavutskiy works with his students to maximize their strengths, grow past their weaknesses, and determine a realistic training plan to reach their goals. I believe it’s a coach’s responsibility to target their training to each individual student. This means spending time on both calculation and strategy while also providing useful insight and knowledge on the positions they play. If you sign up for lessons with IM Kavutskiy, be ready to work hard!

What you’ll learn from these courses:

Forcing Moves Force Wins

  • Forcing Moves Force Wins. The first moves to consider in ANY position are forcing moves – moves your opponent has to respond to. Checks, captures, and threats. They’re the most likely to win you the game and have the fewest possible replies to consider. Kostya drills this approach into you so it becomes a natural habit.

  • Reciprocal ThinkingCuring Tactical Blindness. IM Kavutskiy outlines the 3 reasons winning tactics get missed in competitive games… and teaches you the approaches that eliminate this Elo-dropping issue. Look where others don’t, ask for more, and find creative ways to make tactics work.

  • Reciprocal Thinking. So you tested a line and it didn’t work… you can use the reason it didn’t work to find a variation that does. Kostya shows you how to reverse-engineer tactics to find stunning moves like the one that wins this for Black (diagram).

  • Unstoppable Winning Machine. As you climb higher on the chess ladder, you’re going to face tough resistance… it’s your job to Hulk smash through it and find ways to make things work.

  • Farsight Visualization. You know the tactic is there… but you have to be sure you get it right. Thing is, you see 3 moves ahead then things get fuzzy. In chapter 5, Kostya teaches you a powerful technique for seeing clearly even 10 moves deep… use it in-game or during training to develop your visualization skills.

This is 3 hours of coaching that will make your tactical ability soar.

The Squeeze

  • Class of its Own. Opposite-colored bishops are drawish – but not when there are other pieces on the board – then the attacking side dominates diagonals the defender can’t cover. Kostya teaches you the legendary bishop technique of world champions Smyslov and Karpov, and explains how this knowledge allowed Smyslov to transform this ordinary position (diagram) in just 9 moves.

    The Squeeze Converting Advantages in Chess
  • Principle of Two Weaknesses. Direct attacks are usually defended pretty easily. IM Kavutskiy shows you how to tie your opponent up with decoy attacks while you maneuver your pieces into their optimum positions. This gives you a focused attack versus scattered defense – and an easy win.

  • Success Through Simplification. It’s not just a question of do you trade pieces or keep them on the board. You have to consider who ends up with the move, whose pieces are improved, what’s attacked, and much more. Wesley So found an ingenious way to win as White here (diagram) – and Kostya explains how you can find wins like this too.

    The Squeeze, Converting Advantages in Chess

Instructive examples by some of the legends of the game, all clearly explained so you will know how to proceed when you get similar positions in your games.

Comes complete with the annotated PGNs, PDF course summaries, and test positions to see how much you’ve learned.

Additional information

Running Time: 6 hours

Production House: iChess.net

Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Presenter: IM Kostya Kavutskiy

Extras: Yes (PGN, PDF, Puzzles)

Encoding: Standard H.264, .mp4, compatible with all Apple and PC devices.

Content Outline

Forcing Moves Force Wins


Lesson 1: Brute Force

Lesson 2: Finding the Second Blow

Lesson 3: Quiet Moves

Lesson 4: Overcoming Resistance

Lesson 5: Stepping Stones

Lesson 6: Deep Calculation

Lesson 7: Reciprocal Thinking

Lesson 8: Forcing Defense

Lesson 9: Spotting the Opponent’s Ideas


The Squeeze


Lesson 1 – Piling Up on Targets

Lesson 2 – The Principle of Two Weaknesses

Lesson 3 – Simplification

Lesson 4 – Key Exchanges

Lesson 5 – Exchanging Key Defenders

Lesson 6 – Restriction

Lesson 7 – Opposite-Colored Bishops

Lesson 8 – Controlling an Open File

Lesson 9 – The Space Advantage


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